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Emma (Oreo)

Our German Shepherd passed away and we were looking for a smaller dog when we saw Oreo’s face. She won us over right away. She makes us laugh every day and brings so much joy into our family. It was love at first sight. Thank you CODAR for doing such a great jobs in finding homes for so many deserving animals.


We adopted Molly from Castle of dreams in March of 2013. She was rescued from down south and brought up to New Jersey. Molly was a sweet little puppy that was 3 months old when we adopted her. In February we lost our dog Hailey, a beautiful lab/ shepherd mix. What better way to honor the memory of Hailey by adopting another dog.


What can we say!! From the moment we heard about , Siren, a Great Dane ,needing a home, we hoped she would be part of our family. For the past three years, siren and her brother, Sammy, another Great Dane, have been snow birds. Half their time in New Jersey and the other in Florida. The Fitzpatrick family would love to thank Cadtle if Dreams for filling the void That was needed.


Sadly we lost our 7yr old golden Lucy to cancer in April. Our 10yr golden Maui was depressed our two kids talked about her everyday missing her. We felt it was time for a new pet. We knew we wanted to adopt. We came across Brody’s picture “Oscar” on pet finders and immediately filled out the adoption paperwork. Clare (foster family) called me two days later and that day we went to meet “Oscar” we immediately fell in love with his adorable face. he was ours within a week. He takes turns sleeping in bed with my kids.. Loves to run all around the house. Although we still miss Lucy..Brody helped ease our sadness! We are so happy to have rescued him and brought him into our family!


I had seen Goliath (now known as Binx) on the website and fell in love with the face; filled out an application, but so many other pups “got adopted already” so I didn’t hold out much hope. That Sunday I went to Petsmart, not knowing there was an adoption even going on – and there he was!!!!! I didn’t want to get my hopes up because he had to meet my dog Sammi (13); but at the house visit that very day it was evident that there was no problem with anyone. So Binx was the best birthday present to myself; he gets along with the kitties; Sammi loves him and he’s just a great new addition; we’re one big happy family


Bentley has been with us for around six months now and none of us can remember our lives without him.

He is so spoiled and at times ends up having 2 adults petting him at once! He has all his permanent teeth now and uses them to destroy his stuffed toys. We have switched to ballistic rubber toys and unstuffed items. His reaction to rain and snow for the first time were priceless.

My son took this photo this summer when he met him for the first time. He is in love with him too! He visited for Thanksgiving and Bentley and he were inseparables .

He is a little bigger than we thought he would get – about 15 pounds and all Jack Russell in his temperament. He is a good watch dog and loves to try to dig and bury things. Of course, he won’t come unless he feels like it even after many training sessions.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and will have a great Christmas and new year!


We were looking for a companion pup for our one year old Beagle, Nugget. Nugget does not like to be alone and loves to play with other dogs. Our neighbor was fostering Jolie and we all fell in love with her! She is the smartest pup I have ever had! She is such a joy! We are all so in love with her, including Nugget! She loves to cuddle and play! She has added so much joy to our lives and our home!


Originally “Wilma” now “Lola” became part of our family officially on 9-11-14. She immediately made herself right at home. A year ago I lost my mother and her favorite color was purple so when Lola came into my home wearing a purple collar I know she was the one for our family. We just all adore her, she is a gift from above.


As you can see Wilson has made himself right at home. He brings so much joy to our lives every single day. He has the best personality and is loving his toys, the backyard and being outside. He is such a good boy and we are so happy we were able to rescue through Castle of Dreams and complete our family by giving Wilson his forever home.

Words cannot begin to describe the amount of joy Wilson has brought to our home. He has the best personality, he is sweet, loving and so much fun to have in our lives. He is loving all his toys, being in the backyard and running around, going for walks and lounging on the couch. We never thought by giving Wilson his forever home we would be completing our family. Thank you Castle of Dreams for making our family whole.

Wilson (formerly Sir Jennings) has completed our family. He has such an amazing personality, he is funny and full of energy. Wilson recently developed a love for the beach and fetching tennis balls in the backyard. He is such a gentleman who sits before he eats (and while he eats). We love Wilson and he loves us all. He gets excited whenever anyone walks into the house and loves belly rubs. He has claimed his spot on our couch, in our bed and most importantly in our hearts.

Kalli & Diesel

Kalli & Diesel (formerly Spotette & Shayla) came into out lives a few weeks back thanks to my cousin who works with CODAR. Kalli was so sweet & lovey from the start and loved to snuggle & play so her named fit her. We named Shayla Diesel as she is like a freight train, fun feisty & lovey. These little girls have been such a blessing to the family, we just love them so much and can’t thank CODAR enough for bringing them into our life!!!!!

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