In August 2003 I met Sampson. I had lost my shar pei 6 months earlier and my family was convinced they could help Dad. I had never looked at so many dogs in my life and let the kids know that it was hopeless at the time. One afternoon, hey dad look at Sir Sampson. When I saw his face that was it. It took several weeks to convince Ms. Hastings that she could let Sampson travel to R.I. to live. She was very very cautious. We traveled to NJ to pick him up. That was on 9/6/03 It is with a Broken heart that I need to tell Ms. Hastings that Sampson passed away on 5/17/17 We moved into this house 12 years ago w/Sam it is empty. Ms Hastings thank you for letting us adopt Sampson. it took close to 7 weeks to convince you. It will take the rest of my life to get over him