Adoption Process

Our adoption process has been instituted to ensure all of our rescued animals are placed in permanent, loving, forever homes. We put a lot of time and effort into rescuing our animals and want to ensure the best permanent home is found for our regal canines. Please note, Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue (CODAR) requires a Non-Refundable adoption donation payable at the time of adoption that ranges from $200 to $400. Please consider this prior to completing an application for adoption. If you cannot afford to pay a nominal adoption fee, are you going to be able afford to care for the dog over his/her lifetime? For further information on why we charge an adoption fee, please visit our adoption donation section.

  1. We require all applicants complete an adoption application prior to being invited to meet our pets. The reason that we request the application upfront is to ensure your home and family are the right fit for the adoptable pet.
  2. CODAR requires home visits for all potential adopters. The home visit allows us to verify that the applicant’s documented information is accurate. It is also imperative in identifying potential problem areas on the property including gaps in the fence where a dog may escape or items such as small toys, cleaning products, plants, etc that may cause harm to an animal. The volunteer will also be able to answer any specific questions as related to the adoption and offer his/her personal experience. The home visit may occur at the same time as the adoption provided that the adoption is done by the volunteer foster. If the home visit is not completed by the volunteer foster, the volunteer foster will be in touch with the potential adopter after the home visit is completed.
  3. When meeting our available pets the potential adopter will be invited to one of our adoption events or meet at one of our foster homes. We ask that all family members are present when the meeting takes place and you bring any current dogs living in the home with you for the meeting.
  4. After you have completed the application, home visit, and meet the potential dog, you will be presented with an adoption contract, complete with a copy of the dog’s vetting records. Our adoption fees range from $200 to $400 and is determined at the time of adoption based on the age of the dog being adopted. This adoption donation is tax deductible to the adopter. All adoption donations are Non-Refundable.
  5. CODAR requires that all pets adopted through our organization are altered at six months of age. If you are adopting a puppy under six months of age, you will need to sign a spay/neuter agreement. Once you have spay/neutered your dog, mail the documentation to the mailing address noted on your contract. We follow up with 100% of all adopters to ensure all of our rescued dogs have been altered.
  6. CODAR also recommends that new adopters have identification tags with your contact information made or have the animal micro chipped as soon as possible. We do not intend on dogs getting lost, but unfortunately no matter how careful you are, it may happen. It is also easier to prove ownership in the event your dog is lost.

We recognize how anxious potential adopters are with the prospect of adopting a dog, and we will take every measure to expedite the process. Most of our volunteers have full time jobs and families and most of our rescue work is done in the evenings or on the weekends. CODAR strives to respond to all inquiries, however it may not be possible at all times. We ask that if you do not hear from us, to please contact us again and we will handle your inquiry to the best of our ability.