How Networking Gave Two Bonded Sisters A Second Chance At A New Life

Jenny a 10 year old golden retriever and Taz an 8 year old lab mix were surrendered to Castle of Dreams due to their owner having a stroke and moving in with a family member. Unfortunately, the dogs could not move with her, a sad situation seen all too often when companions of animals can no longer care for their pets. Taz was a CODAR alumni and our policy is to accept dogs adopted by us that can no longer remain in the home. Taz grew up with Jenny her whole life. When CODAR saw how bonded the two sisters were, they took Jenny as well to try and adopt them both together. Senior dogs are hard to place in general when most families want young puppies. Luckily for Taz and Jenny, A Hotel for Dogs in Middletown fostered the two girls until they can be placed in a new home. When a CODAR volunteer, Evelyn Cote, was networking at “Your Dog Is Worth It Too” in August sponsored by L’Oreal in conjunction with Susan G. Komen, she mentioned the sad tale of Jenny and Taz to Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue of CT. They posted Taz and Jenny on their website and found Glen Fergione of Waterford CT who only adopts Senior dogs.When he heard of Jenny and Taz’s story, he knew the girls belonged with him.He traveled to NJ to pick up the girls and it was as if they had known each other already.They now live on a huge farm with Glen‘s other dogs and livestock.We could not have placed the girls without the help of the wonderful volunteers at Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue who networked for us to accomplish one mission of finding a forever home for these two beautiful sweet seniors.