Thank you for taking the first step in volunteering to make a difference in the life of a homeless canine! Our volunteers are the back bone of our organization. We strive to ensure all of our volunteers enjoy working together to accomplish our mission of rescuing canines from high kill shelters and placing them in foster homes until a permanent home is found. Volunteering is rewarding and an opportunity to make new friends and join an established organization! Please take a few moments to complete our volunteer application.

ATTENTION JUNIOR VOLUNTEERS! – Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue volunteers who are under 18 years of age will be considered for our Junior Volunteer Program. Please fill out a Junior Volunteer Application.

If so, list the type of pet(s) (e.g. dog, cat, etc.) Is the pet Spayed/Neutered? Is the pet current on vaccines? If not, please explain.
(Please check all that apply.)

Fostering Information

Complete this section ONLY if you are applying to become a Castle of Dreams Foster Home.


(Relatives MAY NOT be used as references)


I acknowledge that all the information contained in this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also, understand that, Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue (CODAR) is NOT liable for any destruction of property, or aggressive behavior, from a fostered animal. As a foster home, I understand that since animals arriving from various kill shelters may have medical issues such as worms or kennel cough. I agree to keep my own pets away from newly arrived foster pets until I am comfortable that my foster does not exhibit any medical issues that may be contagious to my current pets. CODAR will not be responsible for the veterinary expenses related to a foster’s own pets. I understand that CODAR evaluates to the best of their ability to place with me with a compatible animal. I understand, also, that I must be in control of my own animals at all times and in control of the foster animal.

Castle of Dreams will not be responsible for veterinary costs due to irresponsibility on my part.

Castle of Dreams will provide me with the basic necessities to care for your foster pet. This includes, food, collar, leash (if necessary) and medical costs in the event of an emergency. An "emergency" does not and will not include foster irresponsibility.

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